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Personalize Stock Cabinetry For An Affordable Upgrade To Your Kitchen

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Including stock cabinets in your kitchen remodel is ideal for remodeling your kitchen when on a budget. If you're eager to replace your cabinets but are sticking with stock cabinetry rather than going a custom-made route, there are still plenty of design choices to consider. Aftermarket upgrades to your cabinets can give them a significant boost in style and functionality while enjoying the initial affordable price tag. 

When you're curious about the updates to make for your kitchen, consider the following features to improve stock cabinetry at home. 

Consider the Interior Shelving 

Stock cabinets can look similar from the front, but the interior provides plenty of opportunities for making your kitchen accessible. Multiple shelves inside tall cabinets or a spinning lazy Susan can make your cabinetry functional and easily store cookware, dinnerware, and other items. 

Taking precise measurements to fill the cabinets with the right shelves can be a lot easier when you have stock cabinets since their measurements are standard and easy to personalize. 

Carefully Choose the Right Paint Color

If you're eager to update your cabinets after buying stock cabinets, paint and staining is an excellent first step. The right paint color means matching the cabinets to the rest of your kitchen and showing off your personality simultaneously. Stock cabinetry may be a basic pine wood finish, giving you plenty of opportunities to update your kitchen, so it looks polished and ready to match your kitchen. 

Finding paint that makes the finish easy to wipe clean is also essential since your kitchen will have a lot of mess you'll need to take care of daily. 

Include the Ideal Hardware 

Before rushing into choosing upgrades for your kitchen cabinets, consider your options for hardware. Stock cabinets often don't have knobs or pulls, making it up to you to pull open the cabinets from the doors themselves. This makes the cabinets more susceptible to mess and less accessible to use.

Along with decorative hardware to open and close the cabinets, consider the impact of soft-close doors and drawers. Using a hydraulic mechanism, you'll be able to control unwanted noises in your kitchen and make the cabinets feel upscale.

Making adjustments to your cabinets after purchasing stock cabinets gives you plenty of freedom to personalize them as necessary. With the above tips for making updates to the cabinetry, you'll be able to find changes that personalize cabinets to make them better suited for your home.