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Decoration Ideas To Consider For An Unused Fireplace

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If you live in an older home, it's possible that the residence has a fireplace that is no longer functional. A common scenario is for the fireplace and mantel to be present but for access to the chimney to be sealed off, rendering the fireplace merely decorative. If you've been struggling with how to maximize the look of this unique area, there are all sorts of home decorating accessories that you can use in and around this space. Before you shop, you'll want to assess the decor of the room around it, and then decide what will make the fireplace area look its best.


Adding candles to your unused fireplace can be one option to consider. Doing so can provide a lively look to this space, as well as offer a source of brightness — something that is appropriate, given that a functional fireplace adds brightness to the room. When you visit a retail store or website that specializes in decorations, you'll have all sorts of candles to evaluate. One option is to use large pillar candles because their size will help to fill the fireplace. You'll want to buy candles in a color that complements the room, and choosing scented candles can also help this part of your home to smell inviting.


If you want to go in a different direction, one or more pieces of driftwood can work well inside of an unused fireplace. Instead of looking for driftwood on a beach, shop for it at a decoration store. This material is an appropriate choice because people will often think of wood when they think of a fireplace. The big difference in this scenario is that your choice of wood will be purely decorative, rather than something you'll actually burn. There are different ways that you can set up the driftwood. One option is to place a small light behind the driftwood to cast a pleasant glow inside the fireplace.

Artificial Plant

Most real plants require placement near windows so that they get enough natural light, but this isn't a concern with artificial plants. Placing a large artificial plant in the unused fireplace can give this space a splash of color — and you won't have to worry about the plant dying or requiring daily care. You'll find all sorts of artificial plants at stores that specialize in decorative accessories, so you can choose something in a look that suits the room's existing decor.

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