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Design Ideas For A Contemporary Kitchen

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A contemporary kitchen can be one of the most popular styles. It fits in with any home, from traditional to modern, because it's expected your work space will showcase contemporary amenities. What's more, an up-to-date kitchen streamlines your food preparation tasks. Design your kitchen with a modern flair.

Neutral Color Palette

The base for any design scheme is the color palette. For a contemporary kitchen that blends with the rest of your house, consider starting with a neutral color palette. Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting with "greige," or a combination of gray and beige. This foundational color serves as a neutral backdrop for modern décor. Taupe is a similar option. You can add pops of color to brighten the palette, or use white as a balance.

Industrial Fixtures

One style of modern décor utilizes industrial details. This is ideal for the kitchen. Consider choosing fixtures in shiny, industrial metal. For example, hang chrome pendant lamps over your island. You can even use track lighting. A high-arc faucet is another option. This faucet style, which also features a pull-down nozzle, is popular in chef's kitchens. Finally, your drawer and cabinet hardware should be metallic and feature the clean lines characteristic of industrial style.

In that same vein, stainless-steel appliances are very popular in any style of kitchen, but they fit especially well with modern style. Stainless steel appliances will further the industrial feel promoted by your metal fixtures.

Laminate Countertops

Along those same lines, your countertops should be sleek and modern. While natural stone fits into any décor style, laminate is more in keeping with your contemporary décor. Laminate consists of paper and plastic that form a thin layer of material. Laminate countertops come in a wide variety of color, pattern and finish options. Indeed, you could even choose laminate that resembles natural stone. An extra boon is that laminate countertops often come with built-in antimicrobial protection, which protects the surface against mildew and mold. Choose a laminate countertop that matches your chosen color palette.

Open Design

Perhaps one of the biggest hallmarks of contemporary style is the open design. This isn't just about your floor plan. The overall feel of your kitchen should be open and airy. You can achieve this by opening up the cabinets. Either replace the doors with glass-paned ones or omit them altogether. Additionally, consider using wall-mounted specialty racks for plates and glassware. Likewise, storing dried goods in glass containers offers even more open appeal in your décor.

Design a modern-style kitchen that's also a dream for food prep.