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5 Signs You Should Swap Out Live Houseplants For Permanent Botanicals

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You might have always heard that keeping live houseplants in your home is a great way to add a touch of nature and beauty, and it's true that plants can add a "special something" to your home decor. However, you don't have to opt for live plants to enjoy most of the benefits; instead, you can use permanent botanicals as a part of your decor. These are a few signs that it's time to swap out your live plants for these permanent plants.

1. You Have Allergies

If you have serious allergies or if you are sensitive to smells, you might find that your houseplants cause serious symptoms for you. Permanent botanicals shouldn't cause this issue, and they're generally easy to dust and clean.

2. You Have Pets

Pets and houseplants don't always mix. Some houseplants are actually poisonous for dogs, cats and other common household pets. Plus, some dogs and cats like to dig at plants, eat them and otherwise damage them. With permanent botanicals, you can help keep your pets safe and out of trouble.

3. You Aren't Home Much

Do you spend a lot of time at work or traveling? If so, you might find that taking care of live houseplants -- even those that are supposedly super-easy to take care of -- can be more of a chore than you're prepared for. If you're tired of coming home after a long day to take care of your plants or arriving back home after a trip to find that your houseplants are looking less than their best, switching to permanent botanicals can be a smart choice.

4. You Have a Black Thumb

Some people are better at taking care of plants than others. Even though choosing easy-care plants can help make it easier for you to succeed, you might still have trouble taking care of even the easiest of plants. If so, consider switching to permanent botanicals. Then, you never have to worry about having a houseplant die on you again!

5. You Want to Cut Down on the Mess

Houseplants might be pretty, but they can also be messy. They can leak water, shed their leaves and otherwise cause problems. If you'd like to enjoy the beauty of plants without all of the mess, using permanent botanicals is a great alternative.

Live houseplants aren't for everyone. If one or more of these five things apply to you, check out some of the beautiful, realistic-looking permanent botanicals that are out there. You might just find that they are the perfect solution for you. Contact a business that specializes in interior design to learn which types of false plants might work for your space.