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A Pet Lover's Guide To Choosing Carpet

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If you own pets you may think that carpet isn't for you, but that simply doesn't have to be the case. Carpet is comfortable for both you and your pets, and adds a much needed sound buffer in a busy household. Armed with the right information, you can choose a carpet that is durable, beautiful and a perfect addition to your pet-friendly home.

Why You Should Embrace Nylon

One of the most important choices you can make when choosing carpeting for your household is the type of fiber used in its construction. Wool, polyester and nylon are the fiber types you should focus on, with nylon pulling ahead significantly.

Nylon is an incredibly popular carpet fiber choice due to its ability to be durable, stain resistant and affordable. Two types of nylon fibers are used in carpet manufacturing: nylon 6, and nylon 6,6. Both types of nylon are incredibly strong. However, nylon 6 is easier to recycle and can be remade into other carpets.

Stain Resistance

Nylon fiber based carpets feature a heightened stain resistance. Stain resistant finishes are usually either applied externally after the carpet is finished or added to the individual fibers. This natural stain resistance is ideal for homes with pets. The stain resistant finish makes stains readily removable with a little soap and water.

Consider Smaller Carpets

For some homes with pets mixing your flooring choices may be your best bet. This will allow you to have the comfort of carpeting while applying the beneficial properties of other floorings in other areas of your home. You may opt for hardwood or tiles in your entryway to take the brunt of the initial foot traffic while using an area rug for the added comfort.

Carpet tiles are also a good option for homes with pets. If they become too stained or damaged you can simply remove the affected tiles and place a new one.

A Note On Piles

When you're faced with a choice which carpet piles would be best for your pets, always go with a cut pile. Looped piles provide a texture that's satisfying for anxious pets to scratch on. Opting for a cut pile eliminates stretched loops and scraggly carpet.

When choosing carpet for a home with pets, focus on choosing a carpet made with a durable fiber with stain resistant properties. Taking the time to weigh your options carefully will ensure you find the right carpet for you and your furry friend. For more information on carpet, go to