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4 Tips For Remodeling Small Bathrooms

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Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. Unfortunately, when you have a small bathroom, some of your ideas will need to be rethought. However, there are some great ideas that you can incorporate to not only make your bathroom seem bigger, but also achieve a great look.

Opt for Skylights and Opaque Windows

Light can be used to give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. Instead of flooding your bathroom space with more light fixtures, you can rely on skylights and opaque windows to bring in more light.

Not only does the addition of more windows and skylights mean a larger looking bathroom, but it can help you save on energy. You do not have to rely on high-wattage bulbs to illuminate the area.

Avoid Textures

In the areas of your bathroom that get the most use, avoid the use of textures. For instance, a sink with a carved vessel is a bad idea.

The textures might look nice in your bathroom, but they can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Stick with smooth surfaces in the heavily used areas and you do not have to worry about fighting mold and mildew in those areas.

Install Single Handle Fixtures

In a small bathroom, every square inch is important. When you are shopping for your new sink and bathroom faucets, take a close look at single handle faucets that dispense cold and hot water.

In addition to saving a bit more space, you also save on work. You do not have to worry about drilling holes in your base for more than just one faucet.

Skip the Wall-Mounted Vanity

The idea of a wall-mounted vanity to save space seems to make sense. Unfortunately, it actually creates a wasted opportunity instead. The space beneath the vanity rarely is used for storage and can be forgotten when it is time to clean the bathroom.

If you are set on having a wall-mounted vanity, consider placing items you definitely need to use beneath it. For instance, you can place a basket holding your cleaning supplies in the space.

Redoing a small bathroom takes more than just money and time. You also need to be creative and plan well. Take some time to assess your bathroom, your wants, and try to find ways you can maximize your space without knocking down a wall. For more ideas, contact a company like Grover's Interiors Inc.